Mandala Ethos Online Shop offers a range of framed mandalas and unframed mandalas; delivered to your door.


Browse our beautiful mandalas to see which mandala resonates with your soul. Feel free to fall in love...

Or order your custom-drawn personalized mandala to capture your soul's blue print. An empowering sacred geometry foundation and energy matrix will express the sacred wisdom of your Higher Self. The personalized mandalas intricately trace the Soul's unique expression into a beautifully patterned story of authenticity.

Whether going through major shifts within your life path, or if you're planning on journeying deeper into the purpose of your sacred self, a personalized mandala will guide you. Discover your beautiful truth. The elements of your mandala design will develop and express as Shannon channels it. You will receive a detailed description of how each element expresses a specific aspect of your sacred self.

Art is shipped either in a protective tube, or framed (heavier and more expensive). Please note that colours render differently on different screen types, so we will not be held liable for any perceived colour differences. If you are a local South African, you are welcome to contact Shannon for your options.

Surrender to the beauty!

If you experience issues with the display of the mandalas, please advise: Web Developer Website Silk

Especially personalised custom-drawn mandala received by a very happy recipient.


Our client shared this photo with us of her receiving her personalized mandala.

Mandala Ethos delivers a custom Mandala to a happy mandala client.


Another blissfully happy client receives her mandala in person from Shannon.


“I absolutely fell in love with the mandala Shannon did for me the first time I looked at it and I keep on discovering new aspects to it every time I look at it and the love just keeps growing! Only one word to describe it: magical!” - Othelia